Make and Take Templates:

Bowling Script
Bowling Tech Talk
Bowling Tech Speak

Autism Visual Schedules:
Lunch Schedule
Bathroom Routine
Recess Choices
Swear Words
Zoo Trip Schedule
Other Autism Resources

Example of a Boardmaker Adapted Story:
All Kinds of Horses

Example of Picture Support for Cooking in the Classroom:
Milkshake Recipe

Visual supports for monitoring levels of anxiety, problem solving, what to do at different levels, and making break-time choices independently
Calming Board


Primary Songboard: Primary Songs for Routines1 Boardmaker
Song boards

Social Stories:
Creating a Social Story(Using Boardmaker 6 with Windows)

Boardmaker Resources for Primary Themes:
Teacher Created Many Ideas
Game for Matching Shapes
Game for Matching Farm Animals
Thematic Units
Communication boards/worksheets, books and songs

Other Ready Made Resources

Activities and Games (Boardmaker communication overlays)
Aided Language Stimulation Overlays for Books
Boardmaker Boards Online Sharing(Mac and PC)
Weekly Boardmaker Newspaper
SET-BC Files