Student Resources for using Boardmaker

The Communipack - Gives Freedom to Communication!
  • Communipac is a 6-ring binder that is worn around the waist and used to hold pages to whih symbols an be attached.


The Portacom System- Building bridges to open up our world to them!
  • The Portacom System was developed by a mom with twin daughters who are both deaf and on the ASD spectrum to address issues of portablity of picture-based systems for schedulng, communication, and behaviour support.
  • The system is worn around the waist and visuals are attached with Velcro.

external image image2722.png external image image8841.jpg

Ellie Cards- Ease of Communication!
  • Ellie Cards are a complete set of picture cards that are already laminated, have Velcro and are organized in a binder.
  • It also comes with a Velcro sentence strip.


QCharm - Portable and Visual Cueing System!
  • The QCharm is a bracelet that can be used as a visual support as you can attach symbols to it.