From Ellie Stack at ITS:

"I had a student whose behavior changed drastically once I started using the first board on this Boardmaker layout. With the use of this board, he knew what I expected of him as he walked through the hall. Even though I had been telling him the same thing for months, he needed to see it before he understood."

By Leslie McGilligan

If anyone understands “differentiated instruction”, it’s special education teacher Anna Lay. With a classroom full of middle school students with an array of challenges and abilities, Anna is aware of the issues teachers face modifying and adapting curriculum to meet student needs. By embracing the use of instructional and assistive technology, she has shaped her classroom instruction to include varied means of presentation along with opportunities to demonstrate knowledge in different formats. One tool that she has found particularly useful is the new Boardmaker Plus! “I was always creating topic boards and static visual displays to support my students, but now, Boardmaker Plus allows me to make those activities more interactive for my students.” With increased interaction has come increased student engagement and decreased behavioral redirection. “The kids seem to get so much more out of hearing voice output and music along with video associated with curricular content. Their faces light up when they know we will be getting on the computers during class.” Most recently, her class has been learning telephone social skills. Using Boardmaker Plus, she created interactive instructional supports including ado/don’t chart of telephone behaviors and a sequenced process for leaving a telephone message. “Having the flexibility to create multimedia lessons using PCS symbols in a format I’m already comfortable with has made all the difference. The more I use it, the more I realize that I am only limited by my imagination.” Stretch your imagination and check out Boardmaker Plus! Your students will thank you for it.

By Sue Anderson (to Portacom systems)

I just wanted to tell you that I think what you have done is wonderful. Not only in helping your children in communicating at large, but also other children and parents.